Castle Burn 캐슬번


  • Castle Burn is a competitive, fast-paced, real-time strategy game for mobile devices designed by a PC RTS veteran and balanced by an ex-hearthstone pro. Players pit themselves against other players in online ranked or casual matches. Gameplay focuses on economy management, army composition, and strategic-yet-quick decision-making. Mana is the currency in Castle Burn. It allows players to add new kinds of units to their composition, build structures, or deploy armies. Powerful heroes with unique abilities add depth to a player’s strategic possibilities and available play styles.

  • In a variety of ways (quest completion, daily card packs, purchases, and of course winning), players receive cards which give them access to new units, or make progress toward upgrading existing units.

  • A built-in competitive ladder offers serious gamers a challenging and rewarding experience as they climb their way to the top in search of fame and, of course, exclusive rewards.


Castle Burn 캐슬번


Castle Burn 캐슬번
  • Fast-paced PvP combat

  • Card collecting

  • Economy-based real-time strategy

  • Customizing army composition

  • Heroes with unique powerful abilities

  • Quest rewards

  • Competitive ladder