Castle Burn 캐슬번


Castle Burn 캐슬번

What is Castle Burn?

Castle Burn is a PvP economy-based real-time strategy game for mobile devices. Cards you collect over time allow you to design and upgrade your forces. Victory requires clever thinking, quick action, and sound strategy.

Are there any plans to add new game modes?

Yes! A variety of new modes are in the planning stages. Stay tuned in the near future for announcements about this.

Are there any plans to add new maps?

There are currently no plans to incorporate new map layouts to the standard battle mode. Of course, newly textured maps are possible and new upcoming game modes may introduce new map layouts.

How do season resets work?

At the beginning of every month, we will reset the competitive ladder for the Masters and Champions Leagues. If you are in the Masters or Champions League when a season reset occurs, your crown score will be reset to a certain value dependent on the league you were in—the exact value may be tweaked.

How do season rewards work?

At the end of every season, you will receive rewards based on the highest league you achieved during that season. The highest league you achieved is all that matters; the league you happen to be in at the time of the season reset does not.

What are victory card packs?

You receive victory card packs for winning ranked matches. Unlocking each pack requires a key. You are granted new keys at regular intervals, and can view a short advertisement to shorten an interval. You can only have up to three victory card packs at a time, and you can only have up to three keys at a time. If you have three victory card packs, you won’t get new packs for winning ranked matches, and if you have three keys, you won’t get more until you use one of them. Unlock your victory card packs regularly to get the most out of them!

Why do I keep getting cards I already have?

If you already have a card, receiving extras makes progress toward leveling that card up. On the “Cards” screen (accessed from the Castle Hall), each card you have is displayed along with its level and progress toward the next level. Progress is displayed as a fraction. If, for example, a card shows 6/8, that means you need two more of that card to level it up. When cards level up, the associated unit becomes stronger.

When I deploy units, they automatically attack the enemy. Can I command them to retreat?

Yes! In the bottom right of the screen is the “Return / Return Cancel” button. Pressing it will command all deployed units to return to your castle, and ignore all enemies on the way. Units that make it back to the castle will have part of their mana cost refunded. Heroes that make it back to the castle will begin regenerating HP. If you wish to cancel a retreat, just tap the button a second time; all units will then be commanded to attack again. There is a cooldown on this button, however; you won’t be able to issue another retreat until a few seconds have passed.

Some mana springs are different from other springs. How is it different?

Everything that yields mana in Castle Burn yields a certain amount every two seconds. Every two-second cycle:

  • Great mana springs (the ones are sparkling) yield 5 mana,
  • All other mana springs yield 3 mana, and
  • Your castle yields 8 mana.

Can I view replays of my games?

Yes! There are two ways to do this:

  1. After completing a match, tap on the “Battle Info” button in the Victory (or Defeat) window. From here you can tap the “View Replay” button.
  2. From the Castle Hall screen, tap the “Records” button to access your battle records. From here you can tap on specific matches and view replays of them as well.
When viewing a replay, there is no fog of war. You can see all the cards in both decks, as well as the resource counts of both players. Replays can be paused and played back at various speeds.

How can I contact the developer?

Please contact us with any questions or issues you are having. There are two ways to contact us : via email and via the in-game contact feature. Send email inquiries to, or Tap on the “Mail” button in the upper right of the Castle Hall screen. Then click on the “Contact” button in the window that comes up. The in-game contact feature asks you to categorize your message according to what your needs are. Doing this helps us address your comments/concerns more efficiently.

Protect your game data with your Game Center or Google Play account!

iOS : Game Center

Game data associated with your Game Center account is automatically saved, and you can use the same game data if you use the same Game Center account on other iOS devices.

※ Game Center account stores only one game data at the same time!

※ If you try to save multiple game data at the same time, you will lose the previous data!

How it works with your Game Center account

1. Select Device Settings> Game Center

2. Sign in with your Apple ID.

(If you do not have an Apple ID, you'll need to create a new Apple ID.)

3. Run the game again.

Game Center login message appears at the top of the screen during loading.

Android : Google Play

Game data associated with your Google Play account is automatically saved, and you can use the same game data if you use the same Google Play account on other AOS devices.

Please review the following to sign in to your Google Play account.

※ You must have the Google Play Game app installed.

* Please update your Google Play Game app to the latest version.

※ Google Play accounts only save one game data at a time!

※ If you try to save multiple game data at the same time, you will lose the previous data!

※ If you use multiple Google Play accounts, you may lose your previous data!

I can't see the update button in the App Store!

If you can't see the update button on the App Store,
please refer to the video below on how to proceed with the update.
Still can't see the update button? Please close the App Store completely and try again, as shown in the video below. Be careful not delete the game! If your game is deleted without being linked with Game Center, you may lose your game data!

Castle Burn 캐슬번


Castle Burn 캐슬번