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Bluehole Pnix Fan-created Content Policy

We (Bluehole Pnix) will always be proud of and grateful to you, our best users, who have always supported us. In addition, we are exceedingly glad that you are creating and sharing your Fan-created Content (content created by you based on games serviced by Bluehole Pnix), and we hope to see more of your creativity through more amazing Fan-created Content in the future.

However, some Fan-created Content can be misused to cause harm to other users, or to violate Bluehole Pnix's intellectual property (IP) rights, so we have created this "Fan-created Content Policy" (below referred to as "This Policy") in order to help creators understand the scope of content creation and use and to prevent such problems in advance. This Policy is included in the Fan Kit to assist the creation of Fan-created Content and applies to all of the resources and intellectual property in games serviced by Bluehole Pnix.

We request that our many users keep to This Policy in order that they may continue to enjoy our games.


1. Must be used only in order to create Fan-created Content.

You may use resources and intellectual property from games serviced by Bluehole Pnix in order to create Fan-created Content within the range specified in This Policy, however these resources, etc. may not be used in order to create any new game, service, or product.

2. Must be not-for-profit.

- Without our explicit permission, you may not receive or request any financial compensation (including in-app transactions) from anyone acquiring or using Fan-created Content.
- However, you may receive advertising, donation, or voluntary contribution revenue. In the case of advertising, you must adhere to all relevant laws, operating standards, etc., and for donations and voluntary contributions, they must be entirely voluntary and without additional conditions.


3. Must only be used online; creation of offline products is prohibited.

Without our explicit permission, you may not use any resources or intellectual property from games serviced by Bluehole Pnix to create or distribute any clothing, accessories, character dolls, etc. or similar items. This applies to all commercial and non-commercial activities, whether for profit or for free.

4. Trademark Rights must be protected and suitably displayed.

You may not use any logos or trademarks (from all projects related to Bluehole Pnix, including Mini Golf King, Castle Burn, etc.) from games serviced by Bluehole Pnix in your Fan-created Content (including domain names, and social media accounts). However, if the resources used for your Fan-created Content already include the company logo, trademark, copyright notice, or other notifications, etc., they must be used as-is without deleting these.

5. Indemnity must be specified.

- You must not include any inference or chance for misunderstanding that Bluehole Pnix or any of its partners are supporters or creators of the Fan-created Content.
- In addition, you must include the following indemnity clause in your Fan-created Content in a way that is easy for end-users to verify:

- "This content has been created using resources from games serviced by BlueHole Pnix, however, it has not been approved or supported by BlueHole Pnix. Thus, BlueHole Pnix may not be held responsible for any errors arising from the use of this content. Please refer to the Bluehole Pnix Fan-created Content Policy ( for more information.


6. Inappropriate content is not permitted.

- Fan-created Content may not include any of the following:
(i) Unauthorized illegal programs (hacking/cheat programs, etc.)
(ii) Content which is sexually suggestive, or encourages alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, gambling, violence, discrimination, or other illegal behaviors
(iii) Unauthorized content from other game companies or IP from any 3rd party
(vi) Any content promoting or recommending any company in conflict/competition with Bluehole Pnix and/or any of its partners
(v) Any content which circulates slanderous/libelous, image-damaging, or false information regarding Bluehole Pnix, our partners (including game and service content), or any employee thereof
(vi) Any other inappropriate, unpleasant, or personally damaging content
- If Fan-created Content is deemed to be inappropriate, it must be immediately recalled and all usage stopped, and we reserve the right to stop or restrict usage of the content.


7. The company has comprehensive rights to all Fan-created Content.

- We may use (for opening an online channel, in marketing, etc.) any Fan-created Content created using resources or intellectual property from games serviced by Bluehole Pnix.
- We reserve the right to authorize or deny use of Fan-created Content, and may at any time refuse or retract such authorization at any time and for any reason.


8. Local laws must be complied with, and This Policy is subject to change.

- You bear any responsibility for ensuring your content complies with all applicable laws of the country and region in which you live.
- This Policy is a part of the Bluehole Pnix Terms and Conditions and may be changed at any time. Accordingly, the Bluehole Pnix Terms and Conditions applies to all Fan-created Content, and in the case of any contradition between This Policy and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall take precedent.

9. For queries regarding Fan-created Content which are not covered in This Policy, please contact the relevant Game Customer Center or


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